Monday, February 6, 2012

43rd District Interact Conference

On the 12th-14th December 2011, 11 fellow SMI Interactors attended the 43rd District Interact Conference organised by ICC Klang sponsored by the Rotary Club of Klang. This event was held at Nur Laman Bistari Training Camp & Eco Resort, Ulu Yam, Selangor.

Interactors arriving at Nur Laman Bistari Eco Resort. Everyone was so excited!

 SMI Interactors - the invasion begins..

 Club group photos anywhere possible!

 "Dekat Di Mata, Lekat Di Hati" :)

 Best photo? I think so ;)

 Int. Pan Jenn Hau and Int. Syafil

 Int. Khalil and Int. Syafil with NUTS


 President, Rtn Gerard Lazarus breifing on house rules, the 'cool' way

 Ice breaking session - The Super Duper Interact Cyclone of Awesomeness!!!

 The emcees

 Art Attack!

 Chillax with some Tea Break


Opening ceremony - Guests of Honour

 Interactors from everywhere - Roll call recognition

 SMI Interactors :D

 Int. Josiah Hoo, Int. Hilda, and President. Virakphan

 Group photo

 "See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil"

 Interact Club of SMI!!


 Interact Club of SMI, Anderson, ACS, and MGS Ipoh

 Outdoor game time!

 Obstacle courses...

 The "Spider Web" game

 Exhausted! But no water? D:

 Foreign exchange Int. Emil Schenkyr

 Rtn. Arthur giving a talk

 President Virakphan

 VP Kuganesh

 After the outdoor games, planning for Talent Night later

 Okay, here's where the fun begins :)

 So many different talents from each group! Dancing...



 Head-shaking action!

 Int. Jirix and Int. Khalil on stage


 Everyday I'm Shuf-fe-fe-ling!

 and some slow, romantic, dancing too! Haha

 The campfire night was truely awesome

 Yg. Bhg. Dato PP Rtn Master A. R. Peter giving a talk on "Patriotism towards the country"

 The ice-cream man..

 Bebola ikan was heavenlyy

 We'll miss those bebola ikans :O

 Is time to head home fellas