Thursday, January 20, 2011

Next Meeting and New Shirt!

Our next General Meeting will be on monday, 24th Jan at 5sc6 from 2 to 3.30 Attendance is compulsary to all Interactors.

Our new t-shirt is currently under designed by Director Matthew Wong. Any information about the new t-shirt will be reveal soon.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Interact Conference 2010

On the 3rd of December 2010, interactor Aaron Ong, Jevinder, Ilmin, Lai Jun Yean, Matthew Wong, Dhanesh Rajan, Ian Lim and Alex Tan from St. Michael's Instituition Ipoh gathered at Main Convent school at about 8 in the morning with a few other schools from Ipoh. After every school had gathered in Main Convent we then left by bus and headed for Negeri Sembilan where we attended our 42nd District Interact Conference. 2 buses left from Main Convent. Our bus consisting of St. Michael's Ipoh, Methodist Girl's School Ipoh and Yuk Choy Ipoh accompanied by Rotarian Arthur.
Journey to Negeri Sembilan.
As we arrived at Royale Bintang Resort, at around 12 to 1 in the afternoon, we registered our names and were immediately provided with our lunch. After lunch, we then headed to the seminar hall to have our briefings on the conference. Due to the delay of checking into the rooms, we started our sessions first. Approximately 800 interactors from all around Malaysia attended the conference.

After a few sessions which were mostly talks from speakers, the rooms were finally ready for us to check in. We were told to have a quick shower and then have our dinner as we had a tight schedule due to time constrains on the first day. After dinner we had a few more sessions and then we return to our rooms for lights out.

The next day started off with breakfast in the morning. We were all dressed in our conference t-shirt for the opening ceremony after breakfast. As soon as everyone had finish breakfast, we then proceeded to the seminar hall for the opening ceremony. After the opening ceremony, 800 interactors stood on the stage which barely could stand the weight for our photo session. After that we had our lunch and after lunch we then proceeded back into the seminar hall for our sessions.

The Royale Bintang Hotel which the Interactors stayed for 3 days and 2 nights.
At about 4.30 in the evening, we had our free time, for all the interactors to prepare for their performances later that night and also for everyone to rest and have a shower and dress up for formal night. Unfortunately, the hotel had some issues with the water in the bathrooms. There was lack of water and not many people could bathe.
At about 7 in the evening, although not many people had a chance to take a shower, everyone was all dressed up and ready for the formal night. 

We then proceeded to the seminar hall for our dinner. While we were having dinner, we were entertained by performance from selected schools. Jevinder, Alex Tan, Aaron Ong, Lai Jun Yean, Matthew Wong and Dhanesh Rajan from St. Michael's Institution performed a mashed up of two songs, Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars and Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. It was, indeed a great performance by Michaelians.

After a few performances, we then sang a Happy Birthday Song to the Rotary Club of Negeri Sembilan for it's 81st anniversary. After that we had more performances and then ended the night. Some stayed at the seminar hall and they had an open floor for everyone to dance with the dj playing the songs. Half an hour after that, we were all told to head back to our rooms and went to bed.
The Last Jammers!

General Meeting

Our next general meeting will be on Wednesday the 12th at 3pm in Lab 2. Attendance is compulsary for all interactors. Those who were the members in 2010 are still the member for Interact Club 2011, just ignore the new kokurikulum system (heh) New member, especially form 3's are mostly welcomed! Thank You :)