Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year

When the clock strikes twelve on December 31st, people all over the world cheer and wish each other a very Happy New Year. For some, this event is no more than a change of a calendar. For others, the New Year symbolizes the beginning of a better tomorrow. So, if you look forward to a good year ahead, spread happiness with these wonderful New Year wishes.

Irish toast
In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, never in want.

Minnie L. Haskins
And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year: Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown. And he replied: Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God. That shall be to you better than light, and safer than a known way.

Movie: "When Harry Met Sally", Harry Burns
And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible

Edith Lovejoy Pierce
We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called "Opportunity" and its first chapter is New Year's Day.

Charles Dickens
A merry Christmas to everybody! A happy New Year to the world!

Sydney Smith
Resolve to make at least one person happy every day, and then in ten years you may have made three thousand, six hundred and fifty persons happy, or brightened a small town by your contribution to the fund of general enjoyment.

Your Merry Christmas may depend on what others do for you. But your Happy New Year depends on what you do for others.

William Makepeace Thackeray
Certain corpuscles, denominated Christmas Books, with the ostensible intention of swelling the tide of exhilaration, or other expansive emotions, incident upon the exodus of the old and the inauguration of the New Year.

Aisha Elderwyn
Every new year people make resolutions to change aspects of themselves they believe are negative. A majority of people revert back to how they were before and feel like failures. This year I challenge you to a new resolution. I challenge you to just be yourself.

F. M. Knowles, A Cheerful Year Book
He who breaks a resolution is a weakling; He who makes one is a fool.

G. K. Chesterton
The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul.

John Greenleaf Whittier
We meet today
To thank Thee for the era done,
And Thee for the opening one

T. S. Eliot
For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.

Emily Miller
Then sing, young hearts that are full of cheer,
With never a thought of sorrow;
The old goes out, but the glad young year
Comes merrily in tomorrow

Martin Luther
Glory to God in highest heaven,
Who unto man His Son hath given;
While angels sing with tender mirth,
A glad new year to all the earth

Walter Scott
Each age has deemed the new born year
The fittest time for festal cheer

Benjamin Franklin
Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man.

Edgar A. Guest
A happy New Year! Grant that I
May bring no tear to any eye
When this New Year in time shall end
Let it be said I've played the friend,
Have lived and loved and labored here,
And made of it a happy year.

William Arthur Ward
This bright new year is given me
To live each day with zest
To daily grow and try to be
My highest and my best!

Ella Wheeler Wilcox
What can be said in New Year rhymes,
That's not been said a thousand times?
The new years come, the old years go,
We know we dream, we dream we know.
We rise up laughing with the light,
We lie down weeping with the night.
We hug the world until it stings,
We curse it then and sigh for wings.
We live, we love, we woo, we wed,
We wreathe our prides, we sheet our dead.
We laugh, we weep, we hope, we fear,
And that's the burden of a year.

Charles Lamb
Of all sound of all bells, the most solemn and touching is the peal which rings out the Old Year.

just for laughter

Murid : Selamat pagi, cikgu.

Cikgu : (Menengking) Mengapa selamat pagi sahaja? Petang dan malam awak doakan saya tak selamat?

Murid : Selamat pagi, petang dan malam cikgu!

Cikgu : Panjang sangat! Tak pernah dibuat oleh orang! Kata selamat sejahtera! Senang dan penuh bermakna. Lagipun ucapan ini meliputi semua masa dan keadaan.

Murid : Selamat sejahtera cikgu!

Cikgu : Sama-sama, duduk! Dengar sini baik-baik. Hari ini cikgu nak uji kamu semua tentang perkataan berlawan. Bila cikgu sebutkan perkataannya, kamu semua mesti menjawab dengan cepat, lawan bagi perkataan-perkataan itu, faham?

Murid : Faham, cikgu!

Cikgu : Saya tak mahu ada apa-apa gangguan.

Murid : (senyap)

Cikgu : Pandai!

Murid : Bodoh!

Cikgu : Tinggi!

Murid : Rendah!

Cikgu : Jauh!

Murid : Dekat!

Cikgu : Keadilan!

Murid : UMNO!

Cikgu : Salah!

Murid : Betul!

Cikgu : Bodoh!

Murid : Pandai!

Cikgu : Bukan!

Murid : Ya!

Cikgu : Oh Tuhan!

Murid : Oh Hamba!

Cikgu : Dengar ini!

Murid : Dengar itu!

Cikgu : Diam!

Murid : Bising!

Cikgu : Itu bukan pertanyaan, bodoh!

Murid : Ini ialah jawapan, pandai!

Cikgu : Mati aku!

Murid : Hidup kami!

Cikgu : Rotan baru tau!

Murid : Akar lama tak tau!

Cikgu : Malas aku ajar kamu!

Murid : Rajin kami belajar cikgu!

Cikgu : Kamu gila!

Murid : Kami siuman!

Cikgu : Cukup! Cukup!

Murid : Kurang! Kurang!

Cikgu : Sudah! Sudah!

Murid : Belum! Belum!

Cikgu : Mengapa kamu semua bodoh sangat?

Murid : Sebab saya seorang pandai!

Cikgu : Oh! Melawan!

Murid : Oh! Mengalah!

Cikgu : Kurang ajar!

Murid : Cukup ajar!

Cikgu : Habis aku!

Murid : Kekal kami!

Cikgu : O.K. Pelajaran sudah habis!

Murid : K.O. Pelajaran belum bermula!

Cikgu : Sudah, bodoh!

Murid : Belum, pandai!

Cikgu : Berdiri!

Murid : Duduk!

Cikgu : Saya kata UMNO salah!

Murid : Kami dengar KeADILan betul!

Cikgu : Bangang kamu ni!

Murid : Cerdik kami tu!

Cikgu : Rosak!

Murid : Baik!

Cikgu : Kamu semua ditahan tengah hari ini!

Murid : Dilepaskan tengah malam itu!

Cikgu : (Senyap dan mengambil buku-bukunya keluar.)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rotary International

Rotary International is an organization of service clubs known as Rotary Clubs located all over the world. It is a secular organization open to all persons regardless of race, color, creed or political preference. There are more than 32,000 clubs and over 1.2 million members worldwide.[2] The members of Rotary Clubs are known as Rotarians. The stated purpose of the organization is to bring together business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. Members usually meet weekly for breakfast, lunch or dinner, which is a social event as well as an opportunity to organize work on their service goals.

Rotary's best-known motto is "Service above Self", and its secondary motto is "They profit most who serve best".[3]

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

About Interact

I nteract is Rotary International’s service club for young people ages 14 to 18. Interact clubs are sponsored by individual Rotary clubs, which provide support and guidance, but they are self-governing and self-supporting.

Club membership varies greatly. Clubs can be single gender or mixed, large or small. They can draw from the student body of a single school or from two or more schools in the same community.

Each year, Interact clubs complete at least two community service projects, one of which furthers international understanding and goodwill. Through these efforts, Interactors develop a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs and learn the importance of

Developing leadership skills and personal integrity
Demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others
Understanding the value of individual responsibility and hard work
Advancing international understanding and goodwill
As one of the most significant and fastest-growing programs of Rotary service, with more than 10,700 clubs in 109 countries and geographical areas, Interact has become a worldwide phenomenon. Almost 200,000 young people are involved in Interact.

For more information about Interact in your area, contact your local Rotary club , or ask RI staff . Read the Interact Handbook and the Interact Brochure .


Interact club had collected funds/donations to aid victims of earthquake in Padang,Indonesia,Typhoon Ketsana in Vietnam and Philippines ,tsunami in Samoa and the 3 pupil who had drowned in Sungai Kampar.After 2 days collecting donations,we finally raised up RM400.RM 300 will be channeled to Tabung Bencana NSTP Media Prima via cheque and RM100 will be given to the drowned victims through the education department.We thank you for your generosity to assist the victims affected.
Thank you to all :-
MICHAELIAN (morning and afternoon session)
and everyone else who donated to this victims.


*pics speak louder than words!

The grafity project was a success and the result was satisfying.All grafity around the school especially outside the classess was wiped with thinner.A layer of paint was also painted on top of this grafities.Thank you to all the interactors who present on that day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Smi's LTS 2009

LTS 2009

The Exco board of the Interact Club of SMI together with the Rotaract club SMI attended a LTS (Leadership Training Seminar) on the 14th of November 2009 in the Lecture theater of SMI. Rotarian Arthur Yeong a rather inspiring speech on the history of the Rotary Logo and the Rotary Club itself. Not only that, he also further explained to us the 2 rules of the Rotary Club. We were given an interval at 10.20a.m.

After that we continued the Seminar. Rotarian Arthur gave us tips on how to be better people and even better leaders. The agenda ended at 12.00 noon.

Thank you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Our upcoming General Meeting has change to Monday (16 Nov 2009) time 1.45 p.m. at 5v2.Please attend this meeting.New members are welcome.
Thank you

*inform others as well

Monday, November 9, 2009


Attention to all Interactors,

Please be reminded to check on our notice board for new updates (last updated 9/11/09) and to wear our Interact's collar tag everday in school compound.To those who wish to purchase them,you can purchase them from the Treasurer.



Attention to all Interactors,
There will be a General Meeting next week before the year end holiday.Please attend this meeting as attendance is compulsory.New members are mostly welcome.The details of the meeting are as follow:-

Date - 17 November 2009
Time -1.30 p.m. to 2.40 p.m.
Venue - 5v2
- reports from all the directors
-distribute new Interact's tee (to those who ordered)
-How do your ideas and plans work?
-Comm's meeting
-updates !

*please bring along your 'koko' book

-president Kah Chun-


Attention to all Directors,
There will be a Learning Training Seminar for all Directors (exco) this Saturday.Attendance is compulsory.Please bring along your own book or paper and stationaries.The details are as follow :-
Date - 14th November 2009
Time - 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.
Venue - School
Attire - Interact's t-shirt and long pant
* for all Directors/exco ONLY
-president Kah Chun-


Attention to all Interactors,
You are require to stay back after school on the 11th November 2009 (wednesday) as our club will help the school to clean up all the grafity around the school.Attendance is compulsory as your attendance will be taken on that day,please bring along your 'koko' book.The details of this activity are as follow:-
Time - 1.30 p.m. (after school)
Date - 11th November 2009
Venue - gather at the school's foyer to take attendance
Materials- please bring along some old cloth


organisers:Interact Club,Science and Maths Society,History and Geography,St John Ambulance of SMI
Date: 17 November 2009(tuesday)
Time: 9a.m. to 1.00p.m.
Venue : Lecture Theater (talks on 'obesity' and influenza H1N1)
School Hall (exhibition on health info)
Speakers : Dr Hasral (ISH/KPJ) and Dr Leong (Hosp Fatimah)

*interactors are required to submit your health info by 16 Nov 2009 and help out in the preperation (16 Nov 09-after school) to enable to get your certificate,those who did not help directly on indirectly in the event will not be given a certificate.
*attendance will be taken on the two dates mentioned,please bring along your 'koko' book.

-president Kah Chun-

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Year '09's AGM of the interact club


This Year's AGM fell on the 18th of August and was held in the Lecture Theatre of our School. It started with the School Rally at 2pm. Later, the Secretary's report was followed by the Treasurer's report and Commissions' reports. After that, the President, Vice President and the Rotarians namely Rotarian Arthur and Rotarian Robin gave their speeches.

After the speeches were over, the Outgoing Board handed over their posts to the Incoming Board. The following are members of the new Board of Directors:
  1. President- Chan Kah Chun
  2. Vice President - Aaron Ong Karl Vin
  3. Secretary - Lee Jia An
  4. Treasurer - Lei Joon Xiang
  5. Funding - Paul Pah Meng
  6. Club Service - Abdul Falakh Zafrieyl
  7. Comm. Service - Beh Ee Jian
  8. Publicity - Nurhaizan Amir
  9. I.U. - Samuel Yohannes Lopez
The AGM ended with the new President's speech.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our Notice Board. :)

Our Brand New 'NOTICE BOARD'

Our new exco board (09-10) reconstructed a new, eye-catching and sparkly notice board which is situated opposite the bookshop. A very good location to catch our students attention and the exco board did a good job constructing it.

and a close up view of logo!

The new and improved notice board consists of the Exco members, Members list, 8 goals of interact, Announcements and of course a big and sparkly interact logo!

And thanks again for all the exco's hardwork!