Saturday, May 7, 2011

St Michael's International Understanding Day 2011 : The American Dream!

On the 26th April 2011,the St.Michael Interact Club organized an International Understanding.This year theme was The American Dream.Preparation begin three weeks ago starting with preparing the Ex-Co Board video,then decorations of the school hall and many more.

Smi Interactor arriving early in the morning

On the IU day,interactors from SMI arrived school early in the morning to help prepare the hall and the food.

Divinish and Darren helping putting the red carpet

Sharp at 11pm, interactors from other started arriving at smi.The interactor form other schools have to register at the register booth beside the hall.

Few interactors was assigned at the registration booth.

Soul Impact Crew arriving at smi!

When the interactors are done with registration, they may proceed to the hall and.After all the of the interactors have registor the event begins!First,performance was by Thinn Chern,Mark,Deborah,Kevin and Aloysius.They sing a few songs such as Rockeeter,Born This Way and few more songs.
The performers:Aloysius,Kevin,Deborah,Thinn Chern and Mark
The emcee for the event was Imran,Chris and Brandon.They did a good job at emcee-ing.After that,was a performance by the School Military Band (MMB).Then,few games were played among the interactor such as the alphabet game and charade.

After games,was lunch time! Interactors had a chance to eat their lunch in American style!During the lunch break interactors from other schools playing another game too which was the signature hunt game.

Later on,was performance by Soul Impact Crew.When soul impact was done.Another crew came and perform called The KOPS.They performed a few stunning moves.

And Finally it was Caprice and his crew doing the last performance for the IU day.He came and he conquered the stage with his stunning performance and the crowd was going wild! 

Caprice was tweeting. ;)

And after Caprice performance the IU day came to an end.Later than,interactor started going back to their home.And it just ended too fast :)

The Senior Interactors with Caprice before he leaves 

By Asst Director Kuganesh