Saturday, September 24, 2011

A visit to Moonlight Care Centre

The Interact Club of St. Michael's Institution organized a visit to Moonlight Care Centre a few months back. About 30 Interactors took part in this community service.

 arriving at Moonlight Care Centre

 A fellow Interactor distributing biscuits and drinks for the old folks there.

'INTERACTing' with the old folks ;)

 It's always good to have an ear to talk to :)

 Smiles :D

We've done a good deed indeed. Service above Self :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Introducing the new BOD of Smi Interact 11/12!

President - Virakphan Suvanmani
Vice President - Kuganesh Kandasamy

Secretary - Darren Lee
Asst. Secretary - Benjamin Kong

Treasurer - Alvin Chan Keng Hoe
Asst. Treasurer - Mustaqim

Publicity Director - Daniel Chok
Asst. Director - Julian Ong

I.U Director - Ian Lim
Asst. Director - Michael Wong Kim Mun

Funding Director - Nicholas Sum
Asst. Director - Marcus Wong

Community Service Director - Jirix Cheng
Asst. Director - Kiew Chun Hoe

Club Service Director - Khalil Malik
Asst. Director - Lucas Wong

Form 5 Representative - Divinish
Form 4 Representative - Bryan Wong


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Annual General Meeting

Attention to all interactors! Our AGM will be on this Thursday,25th in the school hall. All the members are compulsory to attend the AGM!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

St Michael's International Understanding Day 2011 : The American Dream!

On the 26th April 2011,the St.Michael Interact Club organized an International Understanding.This year theme was The American Dream.Preparation begin three weeks ago starting with preparing the Ex-Co Board video,then decorations of the school hall and many more.

Smi Interactor arriving early in the morning

On the IU day,interactors from SMI arrived school early in the morning to help prepare the hall and the food.

Divinish and Darren helping putting the red carpet

Sharp at 11pm, interactors from other started arriving at smi.The interactor form other schools have to register at the register booth beside the hall.

Few interactors was assigned at the registration booth.

Soul Impact Crew arriving at smi!

When the interactors are done with registration, they may proceed to the hall and.After all the of the interactors have registor the event begins!First,performance was by Thinn Chern,Mark,Deborah,Kevin and Aloysius.They sing a few songs such as Rockeeter,Born This Way and few more songs.
The performers:Aloysius,Kevin,Deborah,Thinn Chern and Mark
The emcee for the event was Imran,Chris and Brandon.They did a good job at emcee-ing.After that,was a performance by the School Military Band (MMB).Then,few games were played among the interactor such as the alphabet game and charade.

After games,was lunch time! Interactors had a chance to eat their lunch in American style!During the lunch break interactors from other schools playing another game too which was the signature hunt game.

Later on,was performance by Soul Impact Crew.When soul impact was done.Another crew came and perform called The KOPS.They performed a few stunning moves.

And Finally it was Caprice and his crew doing the last performance for the IU day.He came and he conquered the stage with his stunning performance and the crowd was going wild! 

Caprice was tweeting. ;)

And after Caprice performance the IU day came to an end.Later than,interactor started going back to their home.And it just ended too fast :)

The Senior Interactors with Caprice before he leaves 

By Asst Director Kuganesh

Friday, March 18, 2011

EXCO BOARD 2010-2011

The official picture of the exco board of SMK ST MICHAEL IPOH INTERACT CLUB with the new tees!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

St. Michael's Institution International Understanding Day 2011!

Hello everyone. Welcome to St. Michael's Institution International Understanding Day 2011. Our theme for this year is ' The American Dream '

The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States in which freedom includes a promise of the possibility of prosperity and success. We chose this theme because we want to give a better understanding about the culture and life there in America.

The details for our International Understanding Day 2011:

Date ▶ 26th March 2011 (Saturday)
Time ▶ 11am - 4.30pm
Venue ▶ School Hall,
St. Michael's Institution

Theme ▶ The American Dream
Entrance ▶ RM10
Dress Code ▶ Smart casual / Interact Attire. NO shorts please.

And yeah, EVERYONE is invited!

We will also be having a live performance by Malaysian singer/rapper Caprice!
Check him out right here.


Here's the route to our school ▶

The event's link on facebook ▶

For further inquiries of our event, contact:

Beh Ee Jian - 016 5308242
Edmund Liew (IU Director) - 016 5305830

Join us for our
International Understanding Day 2011 for a lot of fun and understanding :)

See you there!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well, the title speaks for itself. The new Tee's are HERE!!!! And order fast cuz it's limited( 'round 100).

The first thing you notice bout this tee is that it's black!! Gone the classic white and comes the new colour BLACK
(double click on photo for larger view)
Its only 25 BUCKS!! It's Cheap!!! Consult President Ee Jian or Treasurer Lai Jun Yean for payment and Virakphan Suvanmani, Darren Lee for the form 3's & form 4's. You guys will be gettin' the t-shirt before IU Day and yeah, YOU GOTTA BUY IT!

*Good job and kuddos to Directors Ilmin and Matthew and VP Ji Kent for their effort on the new t-shirt for our INTERACT CLUB!!!


Friday, February 4, 2011



Those who wish to help up during the annual cross country run, please see Interactor Matthew Wong for further details.

Remainder to those who had volunteered and submitted their names, you will be excused from the cross country and you will NOT be running.
Those who have these items listed below please inform Matthew Wong;

1. Ice box ( medium and large)
2. Small money change (etc 20sen, 50sen)
3. Garbage bags
4. Ice ( 1kg per bag)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Next Meeting and New Shirt!

Our next General Meeting will be on monday, 24th Jan at 5sc6 from 2 to 3.30 Attendance is compulsary to all Interactors.

Our new t-shirt is currently under designed by Director Matthew Wong. Any information about the new t-shirt will be reveal soon.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Interact Conference 2010

On the 3rd of December 2010, interactor Aaron Ong, Jevinder, Ilmin, Lai Jun Yean, Matthew Wong, Dhanesh Rajan, Ian Lim and Alex Tan from St. Michael's Instituition Ipoh gathered at Main Convent school at about 8 in the morning with a few other schools from Ipoh. After every school had gathered in Main Convent we then left by bus and headed for Negeri Sembilan where we attended our 42nd District Interact Conference. 2 buses left from Main Convent. Our bus consisting of St. Michael's Ipoh, Methodist Girl's School Ipoh and Yuk Choy Ipoh accompanied by Rotarian Arthur.
Journey to Negeri Sembilan.
As we arrived at Royale Bintang Resort, at around 12 to 1 in the afternoon, we registered our names and were immediately provided with our lunch. After lunch, we then headed to the seminar hall to have our briefings on the conference. Due to the delay of checking into the rooms, we started our sessions first. Approximately 800 interactors from all around Malaysia attended the conference.

After a few sessions which were mostly talks from speakers, the rooms were finally ready for us to check in. We were told to have a quick shower and then have our dinner as we had a tight schedule due to time constrains on the first day. After dinner we had a few more sessions and then we return to our rooms for lights out.

The next day started off with breakfast in the morning. We were all dressed in our conference t-shirt for the opening ceremony after breakfast. As soon as everyone had finish breakfast, we then proceeded to the seminar hall for the opening ceremony. After the opening ceremony, 800 interactors stood on the stage which barely could stand the weight for our photo session. After that we had our lunch and after lunch we then proceeded back into the seminar hall for our sessions.

The Royale Bintang Hotel which the Interactors stayed for 3 days and 2 nights.
At about 4.30 in the evening, we had our free time, for all the interactors to prepare for their performances later that night and also for everyone to rest and have a shower and dress up for formal night. Unfortunately, the hotel had some issues with the water in the bathrooms. There was lack of water and not many people could bathe.
At about 7 in the evening, although not many people had a chance to take a shower, everyone was all dressed up and ready for the formal night. 

We then proceeded to the seminar hall for our dinner. While we were having dinner, we were entertained by performance from selected schools. Jevinder, Alex Tan, Aaron Ong, Lai Jun Yean, Matthew Wong and Dhanesh Rajan from St. Michael's Institution performed a mashed up of two songs, Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars and Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. It was, indeed a great performance by Michaelians.

After a few performances, we then sang a Happy Birthday Song to the Rotary Club of Negeri Sembilan for it's 81st anniversary. After that we had more performances and then ended the night. Some stayed at the seminar hall and they had an open floor for everyone to dance with the dj playing the songs. Half an hour after that, we were all told to head back to our rooms and went to bed.
The Last Jammers!

General Meeting

Our next general meeting will be on Wednesday the 12th at 3pm in Lab 2. Attendance is compulsary for all interactors. Those who were the members in 2010 are still the member for Interact Club 2011, just ignore the new kokurikulum system (heh) New member, especially form 3's are mostly welcomed! Thank You :)