Friday, June 1, 2012

A Visit to Rumah Sejahtera Jelapang

On the 28th of April 2012, the Interact Club of St.Michael's Institution organized a visit to Rumah Sejahtera Jelapang. 12 Interactors and 2 teacher advisors were involved in this activity. We bought some food and daily supplies for the old folks home. We also helped clean the place up and entertain the residents there.

The donations to the old folks

Rtn Arthur giving a talk on the bus 

On the way!


Int Prasad and Community Service Director Jirix Cheng performing a lion dance act for the old folks

Interactors giving out biscuits and cakes to the old folks

Treasurer Chan Keng Hoe and Secretary Darren Lee interacting with old folks

Rtn Arthur sharing experiences with an old folk

Sweeping up the place..

Cleaning the fans..

Washing the basins.

and wiping the windows and doors..

A group photo at the end of the day :)

International Understanding Day 2012 - Bringing London Olympics to SMI

On the 7th of April 2012, the Interact Club of St.Michael's Institution, Ipoh had their International Understanding Day. The theme for year 2012 was 'Bringing London Olympics to SMI'. There were about 300 interactors and 15 Leo members who attended this event.

A deco of a torch representing the Olympics. Special thanks to Former Interactor Joel Ho :) 

IU Director Ian Lim assigning other Interactors to do their job.

Early Interactors arriving in SMI to register.

The registration booth, special thanks to 02 Kinta Scouts

Preparation in the hall
As time pass, more and more Interactors arrive

IU Day booklets

The maze at the entrance to the hall containing facts about London Olympics

Emcees of the day, Int. Syafil, Jenn Hau and Lukas

First performance by Beverly Chan

Performance by Mahesh

Hall crowded with Interactors

The DJs of the day

2nd performance by Phang Ren Jet, Chan Xin Liang and Fabian Leslie

The closing of Beijing Olympics by the WuShu Club of SMI

Lion dance act by our very own Community Service Director, Jirix Cheng and Int. Prasad

Torch lighting by VP Kuganesh 

Opening of the London Olympics by Rt. Arthur accompanied by President Virakphan and IU Director Ian Lim

Performance by the pride of SMI, the Michaelian Military Band! 

Other Interactors stomping to the beat of MMB

Rtn Arthur enjoying the show by MMB

Former Olympian swimmer, Mr. Cheah Tong Kim

Int Syafil getting the crowd going, joined by a few other Interactors

Speech by Rotarian Arthur

Speech by President Virakphan

An Olympic Experience by Mr. Cheah Tong Kim

Mr. Cheah received a medal as a souvenir

Game 1 : Building a standable bridge using only newspapers, strings, and tape.

SMI Interactors cleaning up the hall after the messy game

A mind blowing performance by Reminisce

Game 2 (Station games)

Among the station games was throwing a basketball into the hoop, BACKWARDS! 

Captain ball

A very challenging water balloon game :D

Performance by Soul Impact Crew!

Souvenir giving time by President Virakphan to every club that attended the event

And a last performance by the Lopez Brothers!