Saturday, January 30, 2010


The meeting on 1/02/10 has been postponed to 8/02/10
.sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Monday, January 25, 2010


what is this>

f(x) = KJ^tm

[f(x) equals to KJ to the power of tm]

whats up!

ATTENTION Interactors,
there will be a meeting next Monday (1st February 2010).Details are as follow:
date - 1st feb 2010
time - 2.00 p.m. to 3.15 p.m.
venue - 5 science 6

1400 - meeting starts n explaination
1405 - Games / activities (TRUTH OR DARE & Country game)
1445 - gather back in class and announcement
1450 - commission's meeting and attendance
1515 - ends

*please be punctual and bring along ur 'koko' book and RM5 subscription fee


To those who wish to order/buy the club T-shirt,please place your order to President Kah Chun by 28th January 2010 or as soon as possible.The cost of the shirt is only RM20.00.

Please submit your subscription form and RM5.oo as soon as possible.thank you for your cooperation.


Attention Interactors,

Our school's Leo Club is organising a function/event with the following details:

theme - Leo Club of SMI's 5th Anniversary
date - 30th January 2010
time - 0900 - 1200 hours
venue - smi school hall
admission fee - RM10 (early birds)
dress code - club tee n jeans
*pls submit your name to President Kah Chun by 27th January 2010


Attention interactors,
There will be a camp organised by Rotary Club of Port Dickson named Rotary Youth Leadership Award(RYLA).The following are the details:
date - 4th to 7th Mac 2010
venue - Eagle Ranch Resort ,Port Dickson
closing date to register - 10 th Feb 2010
-a life changing experience-
Hurry Up!Sign Up
limited to 120 youth in Malaysia
submit ur name to President Kah Chun-tq

Sunday, January 10, 2010

club meeting

Attention to all interactor of 09/10 ,
There will be a club meeting: on - 18th january 2010
where - 5 science 6
time - 2 p.m.
*bring along your koko book.
new member are welcome!
To all form 3,4 and 5 Michaelian (not an Interactor yet),
Be an Interactor by attending our meeting on 18th January 2010 and signing up with a maximum yearly registration fee of RM5.oo.Info-
venue - 5 science 6
time - 2 p.m.
date - 18th January 2010 (monday)



!order your t-shirt from president Kah Chun